30 Mar 2013
March 30, 2013

Why my light bulb fail to work?

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Are you experience enough to tell what light bulb you should use?

Traditionally, watts are used, a measure of the energy, when selecting our bulb. Now, we should also be considering lumens when choosing a bulb that’s right for your needs.

What is watts?

In simple term, the electric power require to power up.

What is lumens?

In simple term, is the measure of brightness.

Does this means that more watts the brighter the bulb?

The answer is NO. It used to be, but due to technology advancement allowing manufactures to produce energy-efficient bulbs that use fewer watts while producing the same amount of light. This means that only comparing watts for different light bulbs does not provide you with a complete picture of what the bulb.

Never repair or replace!

There are many people who are clueless to what extends can placing an unsuitable bulb cause, we will provide you the list


Incandescent light bulbs produce heat in addition to light, and heat output increases with wattage.

Light Fixtures

heat generated from these when usage with higher wattage may cause overheating which can damages the fixture and may melt the socket holding the light bulb, causing a fire.


The wiring inside the light fixture may become brittle due to the heat from a bulb with wattage exceeding the specifications. In some cases, especially when wires inside walls and ceilings are affected, fires occur.

Enclosed Fixtures

Using light bulbs with the wrong wattage inside enclosed light fixtures, such as glass globes or wall sconces, increases the risk of damage or fire because the heat is less able to dissipate in the enclosed area.

Recommended Solution?

Hire an handyman with electrician license, they will know what to do, just provide them these details:

  • What is the actual problem with your lighting or light bulb?
  • How long have you been using that lighting fixture?
  • What type of socket does your lighting fixture uses, such as socket(pin-type) or screw type for bulb?
  • State the colour of light you need, such as day-light, yellow, orange?
  • If you need energy saving light bulb remember to tell the handyman?
  • If you have preferences of lumens(brightness), please provide as well?

That’s all for our tips for today, we hope you enjoy reading.
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