30 Mar 2013
March 30, 2013

Hiring a Handyman

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How to hire a good handyman?

Regulars and first timer will often have had bad experiences with handyman, because hiring one that has the quality to do the job can be tough.A lot of times they will not show up, return the phone calls and most of them if your not a guru you might be overcharge for a job. It could also due to your location is not specific enough for their conveniences.

1. Create a to-do list ( Priority )

Let’s organize things here it will provide you a good coverage of things you need to be done such as leaky faucet, choked basin, electrical heating, installation ceiling fan or wall fan, faulty electrical switches, maintenance for home general electric works or general plumbing works.

Keep your list short and sweet with as much information of the job as possible to make sure you have the most urgent being fixed right before approaching the others on the list, it will provide the handyman a better idea of the situation.

Not all handyman consider themselves a jack-of-all-trades and most will tell you if particular jobs are outside of their realm of expertise.

2. What is your price, Handyman for the service ?

Price play a factor, if possible we always look for the most reasonable one. Handyman job are normally called odd jobs, dirty jobs, and many other acronyms. These job is not for everybody hence you want quality handyman you pay the correct price for it.

You may want to ask your handyman these question:

– Do you provide emergency service ?  ( If  the job service you looking for is urgent )
– How much does your service cost ?
– Do you give free estimates? If not, how much and does that apply to
– Does you charge by the hour or by the job?
– Do you have any additional levy charges ?
– Do you have a minimum amount of time that you work? For example, if it is a really small job and takes him only 15-30 minutes, some handyman will have a 2 hour minimum, so make sure you ask.

3. Is that price reasonable enough? Compare handyman 1 ,2 ,3 ?

Strange enough to ask the handyman to explain the price of his services. Your the customer why not ? Most handyman that are good will tell you the truth the travelling expenses, the type of job services ( some job will take a long time to do ) and the type of work repairing, installation or maintenance.

That’s all for our tips for today we hope you enjoy reading.
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