17 Nov 2014
November 17, 2014

Heater are you earth safely ?

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Why heater installation /replacement a risky business?

Recently there’s an incident reported on 30th August 2014 that had caused someone family to lose their loves ones. If you were unaware, this was regarding a replacement with a branded bathing heater which cost over $300.00 ( Singapore Dollars) due to the old heater no longer workable.

Source: http://news.asiaone.com/news/singapore/teens-usual-shower-takes-deadly-turn

If you do not know heater, it requires lots of voltages to function properly,due to its primary purpose to speed up the process of heating water fast enough so that you can have your warm or hot shower without waiting for 5 to 10 minutes such as usual boiling water with a electric water boiler. Depending on the type and model of the heater, they carries different voltage requirements to power it.

All of these voltage would definitely needs a resolution once they no longer can return to earth, that is where earthing becomes the most critical for all installation or replacement of heater. Failure will be the most disastrous event, it has to go somewhere, well you are nearest to the earth when you hold the shower head, you have create the perfect circuit for electric to reach the earth.

What can goes wrong even with branded heater?

1. Implementation / Installation was not properly handled.

2. Installation was properly handled but sloppy workmanship on handling the earthing wire.

3. Failure to gauge proper electric requirements.

4. Former electric problems which previously unresolved and starts to leak into the heater.

What can be done first to prevent?

A skilled professional handyman with knowledge in electrician are just the few criteria, experience are the best solutions. When issues are face during installation, handyman will require creativity and effective solution to resolve these.

1. Check you heater main connector that is link between the heater and the circuit, do you feel comfortable that the it is well protected ?

Answer: seek for a handyman to help you understand an elaborate better at the situation.

2. Is your house right now having an upgrading that might become problematic if the worker had not done a proper job ?

Answer: Supervising on worker handling the earth is one of the crucial point which as always when worker tends to rush work they forget about safety and using shortcuts to get things done faster. As long as it works.

Get a handyman with experience recommended!

The main problem in today are people fuzzed about the cost of service rather than quality workmanship. If you are not the one then I’m not really talking about you, we face several issues where our client do not even want to pay after service due to the cost ( after our job is done ). Remember who you are, our handyman tracks your number properly because they are professional, they will remember your situation well enough to give advice on future improvement. This is one of our skills to understand our customer better as we continue to service your house to a health and safe environment.

Being a fair world, reasonable price are given to award handyman for their services and workmanship. It can be costly at times due to the amount of work to one person supervising and another doing the job, the experience is two world, should never be compared.

Be safe rather than sorry, that’s the end of the article, thank you for reading.

Sgrepairman is a professional services which provide you the best handyman that been through over 30 years of knowledge and experience in handling heater electrical issues. Do not ignore such issues, the consequences is much greater. If you enjoy the reading, and require a handyman right now read more about our services.

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