Handyman Services

Handyman are very flexible, they provide a wide range of services which you will never expect, sometimes we get confuse on decision made to whether to hire or not to hire because you do not know what to tell the handyman or you think you can handle the situation.

From our experience over the years, we found out that most residential electrical are emergency or near emergency. Even if its just faulty lighting, fan, choking of sinks, most residents have no intention of hiring a handyman to handle the issues, to save cost of spending or to look for cheaper services. These user are taking a risk , especially those with kids and elderly living with them. Why make matter worse, do you really want to see things happening to your love ones before you decide that this is the right time.

Think about this ? Cheaper Services
– Will it guarantee job done properly ?
– Will it comes back to bite you again and incurred more money ?
– Will your handyman becomes irresponsible after services ?

Stop! do not think further if your job matches that with our RIM (Replacement / Installation / Maintenance) Services. Call us now at +65 93549727.

We provide island wide services in Singapore to residential sectors. No matter where your living from the North, South, East, West of Singapore our services are available to you.

Emergency Services

  • Electric circuit switch board tripped / blown

General Electric Services

  • Electrical services – e.g. electrical installation, service and maintenance
  • Electrical parts replacement – e.g. fan, lighting
  • Electric circuit breaker replacement
  • Lighting Installations
  • Emergency Lighting
  • External Lighting
  • Installation or Replacement of Lighting such as switch / cover / bulbs
  • Replace faulty electrical switch / cover / bulbs
  • Electric Heater safety verification / installation / replacement

General Plumbing Services

  • Toilet replace and replacement such as seats cover
  • Replacement of water tap and kitchen faucets
  • Unclogging of choked basin / sink
  • Toilet sprayer leaking / defective
  • Leaking / defective tap

Other Job Services

  • General installation such as kitchen cabinet / hangers
  • Mounting TV rack/ panel onto walls
  • Improvement idea for door lock
  • Hole Drilling Services
  • Door Entry Lock Replace
  • New Installations such as Door Bell and many others
  • Cable Management Solutions, tidying your cables make it look more organized
  • Video/Voice Intercoms At Door Entrances

Rates of Charges (Rate exclusive of transport)
[Note this is not all we do call us or fill the form for other inquires ]

  • Hanging of Wall Pictures <= 600 cm x 600 cm : $10.00 SGD (Drilling: 1)
  • Hanging of Wall Pictures <=1500 cm x 1500 cm : $20.00 SGD (Drilling: *)
  • Hanging of Wall Pictures  >1500 cm : $25.00 SGD (Drilling: 2)

* Dimension of wall pictures will result to the number of drilling required.
* <= : less than or equal
* > : greater than
* SGD : currency in Singapore Dollar

Service not available

  • Electric Re-wiring

Customer feedback and satisfaction is the primary key and enhancement to our services, by working closely with the customer, they provide us the opportunities to continue to evolve our skills and services further as we handle different type of scenario daily. Therefore we would like to assure you that by choosing our listed services, we will provide the most productive, effective and quality solution for your problems.