03 Jan 2013
January 3, 2013

Clogging sink and shower?

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Clogging sink and shower?

Having trouble with clogging sink and shower ?

Clogging of sink has always been a major problem for every household in Singapore as drains are present in our bathrooms and kitchens which we use them often for almost every single day on our daily needs.

During washing/bathing, debris such as soap scums, hair and grease flow down the sink/shower drains which will result in clogging unless we have proper measures in place that can prevent such cases from happening.

For example:
Does this kitchen sink resembles yours?

Does this shower sink resembles yours ?

How to prevent clogging from sinks and shower?

1)      Always have a drain screen in place at all times, this is to catch the debris to prevent them from building up and will clog the drain eventually. Remove the drain screen and dispose the accumulated debris into the trash when the screen is full or water is not draining.

2)      DO NOT pour waste cooking oil/grease into your drain as they will become stubborn clog when it solidifies at the walls of your drainpipe. In fact, collect the waste cooking oil/grease in a plastic container when it is cooled and dispose them accordingly. (You may use unwanted newspaper to absorb the oil if you do not have containers and dispose them in a plastic bag afterwards)

3)      Fill your sink/tub with water to brim once a week, and then pull up the stopper as the volume & weight of the water will fill up the drainpipe with water therefore serves as flush for the pipe.

4)      A simple slow drain-fix, pour 60ml of baking soda into the drain, followed by 120ml of vinegar, let it soak for 30minutes. Flush the drain with boiling water so that the scums/build-up will dissolve and get flushed down the drain.

Simply following these few DIY steps above, I’m sure you can prevent your drains from getting clogged; all it needs is to take a little effort to prevent yourself getting into a hassle!

*Sink Drain: A hole in the bottom of the sink where water flows down


*Sink Strainer: A filter for the sink drain, prevent debris from going down into the drainpipe


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