About Us

About Us

With more than 30 years of experience, we specializes with electrical servicing, general plumbing servicing and maintenance works.

With skills and experiences, we provide assurance that give you a peace of mind, that you are hiring the right person. We provide essential services for your day to day home fixtures and others related areas which may wear and tear due to time and usage.

Why seek for us?

A skilled handyman is definitely not a jack of all trades. However, he is a master of all replacement and installation tasks. There can be innumerable home repair tasks which can be done by engaging us, handyman. Engaging handyman services can save the time and hassle involved in DIY interior replacement, maintenance and certain tricky electrical installation.

Over the years, we been receiving many calls and job requests, these job comes from old and new customer which keeps approaching us because we can provide great workmanship and effective solution for their daily needs. The daily challenge provide our handyman with evolution experience and skills which something unique, they do not follow any guidelines and cause more problem.

These experience provide handyman new knowledge and enhance their skills to provide future customer better services and workmanship. The feedback we get some are happy and some are not because of the price range we provide. Do take note that everyone has a job, it is only fair to say that we provide what we assured you, therefore we hope that our price is reasonable to you as well.

Hunters are us ?

We constantly  researching and sourcing the best equipment and tools to help in our handyman jobs, this will in return provide more efficiency and effective fix to the job. We are always trying to find out different component which will help our customer daily challenge and ensure that there is some form of durability in replacement / installation / maintenance. Do note that there will always be wear and tear, but we like to defy this rule by providing you with a much smoother replacement in time to comes when you need it to be replace.

Looking for reliable handyman that deal with electric in Singapore?

  • We provide quality and reliable electrician in Singapore.
  • Should outlets and switches short circuit and need to be replaced, we have the expertise to know how to ascertain the disconnection of power to ascertain wires in efficient and safe manner.
  • If you have any renovation that has been completed, our electrician can fix outlets and switches and replacing them with assurance. These are what you need and can expect.
  • We operate with deep understanding in the health and safety area.
  • We ensure all work are complete and of satisfactory standard.
  • Trained and experienced, we can manage any electrical job in the residential scale. We offers the services, assistance and reassurance of an electrical professional here in Singapore.

If you reside in Singapore and need a handyman, call our hotline: 93549727 or contact us rest assured that we have professionals in the field that are on your way to resolving your urgent needs with the best professional technical domestic services in Singapore.

We are committed to deliver our highest standard for our customers.